Friday, 10 May 2013

10 Mistakes Which Most New Bloggers Do

As the title indicates, this post belongs to new bloggers (including me!).  As new to blogging, I try my level best to avoid these mistakes. But believe me you will commit these mistakes at some point in your first year. I especially want to write this post for me, as it will keep reminding me about these mistakes so I could avoid it.

1. Over Complicate Your Blog

This is the most common mistake the most bloggers do. Just Don’t use too many useless plugins. These will do nothing but confuse your visitors, which you could not afford at this stage. Trust me blog rolls, tag clouds, link lists does not really works. I didn't try it myself but have read it somewhere that too many social following options also confuse visitors. Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, RSS and Email is good enough.

2. Not Starting to Make Relations

Relations are the base of a successful blogging. Even a good relation with your competitor can give you some success. Never miss this trump card. All bloggers rely on each other, and cannot live without each other. Imagine when all blogger will stop linking or commenting each other’s blog. Then all the blogs will be ranked bottom by the search engines. Commenting can also help you out by strengthening the relations.

3. Please Start Guest Blogging

As search engines are updating their algorithm periodically, any other linking strategies are becoming obsolete. It is only guest blogging which is still in business. Guest blogging is the only type in which both the parties have their advantages. The publisher get a free content for publishing, writer gets a wider reach to new audience and a precious backlink.

4. Using illegitimate ways to drive traffic

It is the one of the worst thing present on the web. Using such ways is highly not recommended. What it will give is just a hollow success which is definitely unwanted. If you are using CPM model, it will give you some profit but soon your account will be blocked if your ad provider identifies your traffic source. Also if you use any paid service you will get nothing but a bulk useless traffic not interested in your blog and content.

5. Practice link exchange

I am not telling that this is a mistake. I am just trying to warn you that you should do link exchange in a proper manner. Search engines are pretty smart to identify it, and if they do it will affect your ranking. The smartest way to practice link exchange is using nofollow tag. What it will do is tell search engines that not to follow that link to index that page. You could still exchange your traffic, which will in turn benefit you a lot.

6. Monetizing Your Infant Blog

Most bloggers start a blog; put some content in it and then ads, lots of ads. Most of them put ads and affiliate links in the blog, then check out their earnings every day. This will do nothing but put you in depression. In early days, your blog will not have too much traffic. So you could not expect even decent cash from it. You may over complicate your blog with too many ads, which could cost you your readers.

7. Lack Of Positive Approach

Most of the new bloggers do the things wrong (including approach). They get afraid of the tough online competition and left their efforts apart. But you know what, Keep doing the hard work with positive approach and most important love your work! Success cannot run away. Just give some time to your efforts to work and soon you will see the results.

8. Not Having a Professional Logo and Favicon

If your blog is new, yet to hold the grip in the web! Please do spend some time on logo and favicon designing. Your website’s logo is the first thing new visitors see and can say a lot about your blog. I think you have heard the quote- “First impression is the last impression”. Also favicon can help you to stand out of the crowd in your reader’s bookmark list.

9. Using too Much of SEO

SEO is very good for your blog. But using too much SEO will make your blog search engine friendly not reader friendly. And I don’t think so search engine’s priority is over reader’s priority. Over optimizing your blog with SEO will make your blog nothing but more mechanical. Using SEO is good but I will recommend using SEO in the right way.

10. Becoming Someone Else

I think this is the most common problem for the newbies. They want to be someone else who is cooler, smarter and famous than him. If I do like him I will also become famous, wrong! That won’t make you better but will confuse your readers. So be you, be easy with making mistakes and grow your style on the go.

Link Tips

Looking forward for your blogging tips in the comment section below.


  1. You write some great stuff being a new blogger...!
    best of luck for your blogging career.