Monday, 6 May 2013

Word War III: Finding a Good Domain Name

Well, by the time you will start searching a domain name, you will understand the meaning of the title. Guys who have gone through this process knows how hard is to get a new good domain name (especially .com) now a days. I personally think that the .com availability is heading towards extinction. Gone are those days when internet was accessed by few tech savvy geeks. Now a days, domain can be registered for as low as $10 and internet can be accessed for as low as $5 pm. So why shouldn't there be shortage of good domain name in the planet with population over 7 billion.

Tricks to Secure a Good Domain Name

But with some tips and tricks it is possible to get a good looking domain. Some tricks you should know before you register your domain name:
  • Always use a word dictionary to find a suitable name (but remember to keep it simple).
  • Word merging trend is becoming more and more popular (e.g.,
  • I admit .com is king, but don't stick to it. Try some different domain extensions. There are tons available.
  • Start hunting for expired domains. You can use free services such as NameJet.
  • If you have spare money, try to buy some high end domains by contacting the owner directly.
  • Also You can use domain name search website to search available name which you have never thought.
  • At last and most important, use your creativity. There always a name available.
Best of luck for your domain name search. Remind me of any tricks which I have forgotten in the comment section below.


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    1. Glad to hear that! Hope you will find my articles useful in near future.